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    STR Marketing Ltée, a member of the Desbro Group of industries, is a leading provider of piping materials and innovative solutions to the piping market in the Indian Ocean Region.

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    We will continue to identify and put targets in place to continuously improve and offset our emissions in order to ultimately become carbon neutral.
    We’re determined to translate our vision into reality for a carbon free future and join the global effort against climate change.

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    Since the beginning of its activities, STR has been a customer-centric company in providing an exceptional customer journey for its customers.
    We believe that we have the potential to impact the overall experience of our customers by being proactive and anticipating customer needs.

About Us


STR Marketing Ltée is part of the PPP Group of companies headquartered in Bell Village, Mauritius. PPP Group is part of the Desbro Group of Companies, serving Mauritius and the region since 1972.

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Enviromental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Engagement to quality

Our Engagement to quality

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

who we are
What We Do


STR Marketing Ltée is a specialist wholesaler/retailer of a wide range of pipes, fittings, water tanks, manholes, septic tanks, grease separators & allied products for numerous applications. STR additionally runs a training unit under the name of Pipe Technology Centre (PTC) www.ptc.mu

Looking for special Product?

In need of a specific product? Get in touch for a more comprehensive guide of our products and services.

What we do for you?


STR provides after-sales technical support: on-site technical briefings and regular site visits to continuously monitor customer needs and satisfaction.
STR sells electro fusion machines to major contractors and offers as well the possibility of hiring its electrofusion service for small projects when required.

After sales

After Sales

STR Marketing Ltee has been relentless in its commitment to quality and service since its inception in 1992. Through the years we have broadened and enhanced our product lines to better serve our customers

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Electronfusion Works

STR Marketing sells electrofusion machines to major contractors, offers an after sales service for survey and reparation of equipment’s which are not under warranty. Hiring of electrofusion service for minor projects is also available when required.

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Training Courses

Launched in 2008, Pipe Technology Center (PTC) offer courses about best practice in the installation of plastic piping systems. PTC benefits from continuous support from all Group companies (mainly manufacturing plants) in order to keep up with latest technologies in the plastic piping sector.

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STR Sustainable Philosophy

What we are doing?


Keeping our carbon footprint low is one of our environmental policies and in line with
the strategic objectives of the company. We have taken strong environmental
commitment & initiatives such as an annual measurement of our carbon footprint.
Our long-term goal is to become carbon neutral.

Measure Carbon

We measure our carbon footprint annually.


We put targets in place to continously improve and offset of emissions in order to ultimately become carbon neutral.


We continuously seek new ways to optimise our use of natural resources and minimise our environmental impact.


We aim to ensure that you, the customer, get the most environmentally friendly products possible.

Carbon Footprint Certificate